Streatham's Royal Connections

May 1916; The Great War that had been believed would last for mere weeks was nearing the end of its second year. Married men were about to be made eligible for conscription and the war in Europe seemed stuck in the trenches.

Streatham was doing its part, though, treating huge numbers at one of the three hospitals dedicated to war casualties, including the Streatham Red Cross Hospital and The Streatham Relief Hospital.

As a gesture of gratitude and respect from the monearchy, Queen Alexandra visited the Streatham Relief Hospital around the 11th of May 1916 and then visited Streatham Town Hall where children in fancy dress held a pageant for her. See our artcile on the website for video of this event where you will clearly see the old Methodist Church spire where it used to stand on the current premises of the Sports direct shop.

Photo of honour guard for Queen Alexandra in Streatham on May 1916

Queen Alexandra wouldn't have selected Streatham as a random location to visit; another connection with Streatham was with joseph Holland Tringham, after whom an elegant drinking establishment on the High Road was named. Mr Tringham was commissioned to paint King Edward the VII and Queen Alexandra on at least two occasions, and prior to the war he accompanied them (when they were Prince and Princess of Wales) on their tour of India.

Sadly the town hall is no more, redeveloped by Lambeth Council as flats above cafe Barcelona and Raw Bella Salon. Watch this space, though, as we hope the descendants of the very elegant trams in the video make a return to the High Road.