Streatham Ice Hockey's Name Change

For the past two seasons Streatham’s ice hockey team have implemented a medium term plan to move away from the use of the Redskins name in preparation for a final removal for the beginning of the 2016/17 season. The decision was announced recently and attracted media attention from around the globe including a segment on Sky Sports News. A club statement read: ‘As a progressive and forward looking team who want to attract new supporters, encourage more local kids to join our junior club and create a positive image for ice hockey within our great city we have decided to drop the Redskins name from our team at the end of this season. We have not taken this decision lightly and realise that many of our long-time supporters may not agree with the change, but we hope they will understand.’

This summer, the club will be consulting with supporters to decide if any new name should be added or whether they go back to our roots and simply compete as Streatham IHC once again as they did from 1932 to the mid 1970’s, when the name "Redskins" was introduced.

Head Coach Warren Rost said: ‘If we are to honour the people who went before us and protect that legacy then we need to change the name. The philosophy and values of the club will stay the same whatever the name of the team. Suggestions so far include Bears, Wolves, Eagles, Scorpions, Saints, Commoners, Capitals, Ravens, Kings, Red Hawks, Tigers, Sharks, Giants, and Pirates –an endless list of possibilities!  

Streatham Captain Joe Johnston commented, "It really is a hockey family at Streatham… I welcome everyone to get involved and let us know their suggestions for the new name".

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Photo of Streatham redskins Ice Hockey team in 1949
Streatham redskins Ice Hockey team in 1949