Plastic Free Streatham

Plastic Free groups are popping up all over the place these days for very good reason: twelve million tons of plastic pollution is finding its way into our oceans every year.  Even more is dumped on land, in our lakes, rivers and buried in the soil. Plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose, ultimately breaking down into dangerous and harmful micro particles in our seas. The production of plastic is also contributing to global warming and therefore climate change.

We formed Plastic Free Streatham at the end of last year, following a post on Streatham Mums Network about environmental issues. Councillor Nicole Griffiths (Green Party), suggested we form a group with the aim of reducing waste and single use plastics in the local area.  From our experiences of attempting to become plastic free in our own lives. we decided to work to encourage others in the community and local businesses to reduce their reliance on single use plastic. 

For clarity's sake, single use plastic products are used just once before being disposed of. These include plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, drinks bottles and most food packaging. Very few plastic items go on to be recycled. 

Plastic Free Streatham is now a team united in their aim to help create a single use plastic free Streatham High Road.  We are committed to raising awareness among the community about both plastic and other environmental issues; providing information to help us all live a more sustainable and zero waste lifestyle. 

Since launching Plastic Free Streatham, we have researched and understand recycling and waste disposal methods in our area.  We have met Veolia, the company responsible for Lambeth’s waste and recycling, and visited the Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) to see for ourselves how waste and recycling is processed. We have created a website full of tips on how to live plastic free, providing local information and a directory of businesses who are SUP free already. We have organised a Plastic Free February challenge, a film night and a workshop on Food Waste Prevention. 

We have launched a campaign to reduce the use of single use products (both plastics and others) and are engaging businesses and community groups to take part. We are very excited about the campaign and hope the local community will support us and be part of this ground-breaking initiative. 

Jackie Crawford and Nathalie Lees
Co-founders of Plastic Free Streatham