Night Light Shelter

There’s a wonderful initiative from seven churches in Streatham and Mitcham to provide a secure and warm place to sleep for homeless men over the winter, 2nd Jan- 30th March. Night Light is one of over 140 similar schemes in the country supported by Housing Justice. 

The shelter has 15 vetted, regular guests, who are all street sleepers living in tents on Streatham and Mitcham Commons. One man came to Night Light with a bandaged arm after having been bitten by a dog, and another with a broken leg having been hit by a car (he was taken to hospital). One man had lost his accommodation due to not having a permanent job and steady income, whilst a couple of others leave the shelter after the meal to go to work or they could come late from work with their meal kept aside. Night Shelter wants to be understanding and support their wellbeing where possible.

At the heart of the shelter is a hot meal where guests and volunteers eat together as one big family. Many volunteers are from the community, and not all are Christians.  “People respect faith when they see the difference it makes, so we want our faith in Jesus to be seen by our actions” commented Simi Solomon of Love Streatham, the community of local churches. “The men are so thankful and show their appreciation every day by being respectful, helping to set-up beds, clear up after breakfast and follow lights-out rules. “

Have some free time to volunteer or donate to Night Light Shelter? Contact [email protected]