A Final Waltz at the Locarno Dance Hall

Soon the last remains of Caesers Nightclub will disappear as work begins on the Megabowl project at Streatham Hill.

For over 80 years the building had been one of Streatham's most popular nightspots. It started life as the Locarno Dance Hall and its opening night on 1st October 1929 was a glittering occasion attended by over 1,500 dancers. 

Image of an early advert for the Locarno dance Hall probably from the 1930sThe Locarno quickly established itself as one of the premier dance venues in London with many of the country's top bands performing there.

The building underwent a £100,000 refurbishment in 1970 and reopened as the Cats Whiskers. A further £500,000 was spent on improvements in 1984 when it was re-launched as the Studio Nightclub.

The building was subsequently acquired by Rank who opened it as the Ritzy in 1990 after a £1m face-lift. However, this venture was short lived and the hall was taken over by a private consortium in 1995 and after yet another refurbishment reopened as Ceasers Nightclub adopting a Roman theme.

Since September 2004 the building has been closed and we now await a new chapter in the site's history as work on the Megabowl project gets underway.

More information on the historical background of Streatham can be found in books and pamphlets by writing The Streatham Society, 220 Woodmansterne Road, Streatham SW16 5UA or on their website: www.streathamsociety.org.uk