Fascinating streatham - A new book by the Streatham Society

A new book launched at a recent Streatham Society meeting highlights the many fascinating and remarkable houses, buildings, monuments and artefacts to be found in Streatham.

Written by the well-known local historian, John W Brown, the book features many of our town's unusual features which are often to be found tucked away out of prominent view, hidden down side streets and easily overlooked by the casual observer.

The items featured range from the magnificent Water Pumping Station in Conyers Road to a humble terrace of old stables at the rear of the high road; an attractive Flint Cottage in Mount Ephraim Lane to a small house in Besley Street that once concealed an  anti-tank gun in the Second World War; the Dyce Fountain on Streatham Green to a magnificent mural in Palace Road Nature Gardens depicting the world's wildlife and an electricity substation in Tooting Bec Gardens disguised to look like a church chapel.

Copies of Fascinating Streatham cost £6 and are available from the Streatham Society bookstall or via streathamsociety.org.uk at £7.30p including postage and packing.