About Heart Streatham

Spring is coming with a blaze of greenery for Streatham! Also the new lighting schemes, new and more trees planted, banners and flowers along the High Road are all adding to the colour – and Heart Streatham is in the middle of it celebrating the beauty all around us! The colour magazine from the heart of Streatham from those with a heart 
for Streatham, of, by and for Streatham.

But we don't want to hide behind a title; let us introduce ourselves:

Picture of Lee Alley, Editor and Commercial Director of Heart StreathamLee Alley has been involved in Streatham civic society since haranguing Keith Hill MP for new street lighting near his house in 1999. He was chair of the Streatham Business Board for four years or so until the overwhelming Yes vote for it to become the inStreatham Business improvement District and then chaired Streatham Action for two years. He's a local resident, entrepreneur, parent and shopper, indie music fan and has lived in Streatham for 22 years. Lee is on social media as @streathamalley on Twitter.

Jane Wroe-Wright has worked with local and national newspapers from Fleet Street to small-town Midlands and Scotland, building advertising, increasing readership and incorporating new media into an ageing print business. Picture of Jane Wroe-Wright, Publisher and editor of Heart Streatham magazineShe's recently built a media headhunting business into a global force and is now bringing this talent to making the Streatham colour magazine the equal of any local magazine in the country! She's also a local resident of seven years, a parent, shopper and connoisseur of Streatham's finest coffee houses.

Come up and say “Hi!” We want to meet you, hear from you, discuss with you and if we don't get to meet you in person, we're putting together a complete online presence to carry the news and the conversation in between magazine issues.

You can find us elsewhere online via links to our Facebook and Google+ pages as well as Twitter just over to the left.

We're there, in your letterbox and always only an email away.

We ❤​ Streatham and we're sure you do too!