The Streatham Food Fair on Streatham Green

It was so refreshing to see Streatham Green become a hive of activity during Streatham Food Fest. This wasted spot of greenery is more often frequented by local drunks conversing with the pigeons than anything else so what a nice sight to see families and friends gathered in this space supporting local businesses and having a giggle. We were blessed with glorious sunshine all afternoon, epic local street food stalls, cake stalls, chilli sauces and chutneys, plus local musicians laying down some chilled vibes with acoustic performances. It was a perfect day for a cold bottle of cider and simply soaking up an atmosphere that we need to see more of around here!

Photo of people of Streatham enjoying the Streatham Food Fair on Streatham Green

Tony and Sarah's chilli sauce stall 'Peeps Treats' offered a fantastic range of sauces, pastes and chutneys. They had practically sold out of everything by the end of the day, my favourites included Apple Achar chutney and their hottest chilli sauce; Single Scotch, not for the faint-hearted I promise you but with a tangy taste that was instantly memorable.

Picture of Tony and Sarah Love of Peepstreats, chilli sauces makers of Streatham and Norbury

They also do their own take on Jerk and Piri Piri pastes for marinating meat at home, I could have easily taken one of everything home from these guys. Check them out at

Picture of Peepstreats delectables for sale at the Streatham Food Fair and the Railway Inn Farmers Market every other Saturday

Genny Graham's pepper jelly stall brought something a little unusual to the table, fruity and spicy combinations coming in three different flavours (Original pepper Jelly, Ginger & Lime jelly, and Orange & Cumin jelly) perfect with crackers and cheese or cold meats. You can purchase their pepper jellies from Fish Tale in Streatham.

Picture of Genny Graham's pepper jellies at the Streatham Food Fair, for sale at Fish Tale's shop on Leigham Court Road in Streatham Hill

We perused through the various street food stalls from different nationalities and eventually homed in on the potentially ordinary hog roast stall. The smells coming from here were anything but ordinary, the pork taken off the bone and cooked in juices with fennel seeds, served in a ciabatta with fresh rocket and homemade apple and cinnamon sauce. The best hog roast I've ever tried and I've had a silly amount over the years.

Photo of the superbly tasty hog roast stall at the Streatham Food Fair on Streatham green

Other stalls on the day included Mexican food from El Chico's restaurant on Streatham Hill, Bun Kabab - a Pakistani street food from Spitalfields market, a grilled fish stall which was receiving glorious reviews but had sold out when I arrived, and Honest Carrot who make intriguing vegetarian creations that will have you salivating (I've tried these guys before and they rock).  All in all what a fantastic event, well done to the organisers and let's see more like this on our doorstep please!