The 2015 Streatham Common Dog Show "Scruffs"

It's September and one of the first events on the autumn social calendar is the Streatham Common Dog Show, “Scruffs”! Always a lot of fun, this year's Dog Show is the 15th annual event on the Common and promises to be a great one.

One of the Heart Streatham prize winners at Scruffs Dog Show 2014 on Streatham CommonIf you saw the BBC series “The Wonder of Dogs” you'll know that dogs are capable of amazing feats of intelligence including exhibiting emotional intelligence. So come prepared to be charmed by the local pooches, not only by the tricks their capable of, but the attention they give and how amazingly well-behaved they are. If you, or someone you know has a dog-related phobia, this might be the antidote.

And there shall be prizes! Prizes are awarded every year for categories from the cutest dog, to the handsomest boy, the prettiest girl. We at Heart Streatham last year awarded a prize for the dog that looked most like its owner. That particular category had tough competition.

Come out and see the lovely rescue dogs, browse the treat stands and the local vets and vendors will be on hand to offer solid advice and nice swag to carry back with you.

Streatham Common Dog Show, a featured event of the Friends of Streatham Common, 7th September; registration 12:30pm, show from 1pm - 4pm,