Heart Streatham Issue 23

Welcome to the June 2016 edition of Heart Streatham. We're looking forward to the beginning of the Streatham Season with a look ahead to the festivals and fetes coming up in June and July. All Streatham folk who are exasperated by our overcrowded and inadequate trains should make a date to be at the Hideaway at 7pm on 29th June for Streatham Action's #Crossrail2Streatham Campaign public meeting. Inside you will find theStreatham Round Up on page 5, our monthly Soap Box updating you on #Crossrail2Streatham and the Public Meeting on page 6, gossip around the Parish Pump including new openings and news on page 9, the EU Elections - our local perspectives on page 10, the South London Incinerator and what it does to our air is on page 12. Page 15 features the award winning The Streatham Supremes Ice Dancers, one of our local artists is in the BP Portrait Exhibition on page 21. From page 23 you'll find the complete Streatham Summer Festivals Season guide. Page 29 read a feature on The Kindergartens Nurseries and the The WI review the Clink Restaurant in Broxton Prison on page 32. What's On in June starts from page 36, there's an update on the Streatham Ice Hockey Name Change on page 44, our Directory of local services is on page 46 and as always we have our list of Useful Local Numbers on page 47. We hope you enjoy!