Heart Streatham Directory listing

Image of a prototype of the Heart Streatham Directory page

Showcase your business as a part of the local business list on the trusted directory for Streatham and south London. NOTE: The purchase price quoted is for a year-long listing in every issue of the magazine for a year's issues. This works out to only £10 per issue.

Image of an example of a directory listing in Heart Streatham magazineThe standard listing consists of 180 characters of text including spaces. Be sure to include items such as:

  1. Your company name (will appear slightly larger and bolded).
  2. A short description of your business
  3. Your slogan or tagline 
  4. Your phone number and/or email address to get in touch with you
  5. Your website or social media link if you have them

Enter your listing below. An example might be:
Caley's Apothecary Medical Herbalist supplying organic herbal teas, culinary & medicinal herbs & spices, aromatherapy oils & raw butters. Gift sets too www.CaleysApothecary.co.uk

Once you've purchased a listing this will appear in every magazine issue for the next year.

You can also add a background colour to make your listing really standout - see how to do this here, or add a picture or logo to go along with your listing - more info here