Brian Bloice and the Lambeth Archaeological Society

On Tuesday 19th May at the Novotel, Lambeth Road the Southwark and Lambeth Archaeological Society celebrated its 50 years in promoting and saving the heritage of the two boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth. The Society was honoured at the anniversary dinner by the presence of Councillor Donatus Anyanwu, the mayor of Lambeth and Councillor Dora Dixon-Fyle, MBE, the mayor of Southwark as the invited guests. 

Founded in 1965 as a rescue group the Society has contributed many discoveries to the rich history of the two boroughs as explained by the principal speaker, the eminent archaeologist, Harvey Sheldon who also received an award for his work on the rose theatre trust. 

The principle discoveries are: 

  • The Black Princes Palace at Kennington 
  • The first delftware pottery kilns excavated in Europe 
  • The remains of a priory which are beneath the present Southwark Cathedral 
  • A Roman Road leading to the first bridge in London 

On the previous Saturday the 16th May, in Southwark Cathedral, the Society was honoured by being awarded a Life Time Achievement Award by The London Borough of Southwark. When founded the work of discovering the past was carried out principally by an amateur volunteer workforce. The society campaigned to create the system and legislation we have now of a truly professional nature. 

Today the Society has also become an important forum for talks on local history and current development excavations. The original founder members remain the driving force in this fiftieth anniversary year – ensuring the Society itself remains a treasure.

Brian Bloice, President | Email: [email protected]